Who am I?

Eva-Maria Kniepkamp, born in the 70s, female, German, and this here is a picture of me, where I try to look good, friendly and confident.

I do not always look like that, but for my website I thought, that would be the best way to go, isn't it?

Education and profession

I started as a trainee to become an industrial management assistant, followed by studying economics with the main subjects international accounting and taxation.

Then my work career started - accounting and auditing, consolidated balance sheets, the head of the office.

I saw a lot of different companies and ways of doing business.

Further path of life

About four years ago I started with a backpack to explore the world. I wanted to get to know other ways of living and other cultures. This was a very precious time to me, and I started to get to know and to love someone very special and now dear to me - myself.

Back in Germany I started my own business as a life coach to support other people with my new knowledge. I kept on traveling and started to receive requests from small companies to support them, structure their workflows in a more efficient way or to support them with little projects.

And there it was:

A life, that felt right!

I love to travel, make new experiences and always get to know new interesting people and their business ideas.

What makes me be the person, that could serve you on your way?

Why do I believe, that I am a valuable companion for you?

I have got a classical accounting background, I am a genius in organizing with a very good power of deduction, and all of this is combined with the ability to always think in new and totally different ways.

If an idea catches me, I take you with me!