Who are you?

For sure, here is not a picture of you, and that is, what makes it so exciting for me - I will get to know you, your business or your business idea.


I would like to give you an idea, who I am working with in general, because I know, what I can and cannot do, even though I love to leave my comfort zone a lot of times!

You have a business idea, that is taking advantage of you more and more, since a long period of time. But at the same time you believe, that you cannot make it your reality. How can I do that next to my normal job? What are the first steps to take? What will the people around me say, when I start talking about my own business?

Maybe you already made your first steps, and there are a lot of questions, that came up like how to create a business plan or your homepage. Has my idea true potential? How to do all the paperwork? How can I overcome all the requirements, given by law?

Or you are even one step further, and you are already your own boss with a maximum of a handful of employees. But instead of feeling that great feeling you had, when dreaming about your business, you feel a lot of times just overwhelmed by the amount of responsibility and work. You know, that the way everything is done in your company could be more efficient, but the daily business does not leave you the time to take a closer look at it.

And wasn't that the goal, that your work should be fun and give you the financial power and the time to do a lot of other things, that you love to do?

I do not care, if you are 20, 30 or 60 years old or in which area of the world you are right now. You want to give your life a new perspective, and you have a business idea, that is not or only in parts brought into reality?

Then you could be my partner for my next exciting project:

Making your business idea your reality!

Join In into this new project!